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having my sister move in (the new room mate I have been referring to) has not been as big of a transition as I thought it would be. She is super easy to have around and she has been re-watching Friends with me so frankly, I think it's perfect.

Dave's sister Anna is getting married this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. I've been helping with some of the decorations, but now it's crunch time so this week will be filled with all things wedding!

We missed our citie's firework display last night, partly because we forgot about it and partly because we've been so busy lately that being at home was just too nice. I'm not sure anyone really understands my love for fireworks. I was bummed. And we'll miss the aquitennial fireworks this year (my all time FAVORITE display) because we'll be out of town. I can't go the whole summer without seeing fireworks!!

Do you want to know what I'm making for dinner? Parmesan toast with prosciutto, asparagus and egg. Doesn't that sound divine? It's 9:30 am and I'm ready for dinner!

It's mid July already and I feel like we haven't done that many "summery" things. I feel like this every year. It seems that we wait all year for it to be summer and then we don't capitalize on the nice weather and do things summer related. Like...go on picnics every day. And...and...see fireworks!!

Mondays make me tired.


ruffle magazine said...

you know where they have fireworks every night? disneyland.