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this old house

A few weeks ago we had the honor of being able to tour a house that holds many memories for my family: my great grandmother's house.

She and my great grandfather owned a huge (read gigantic) house in Minneapolis and ran a home for mentally handicapped adults. My great grandmother was a saint. Truly. She would take people in off the street, feed them, care for them. She had a heart of gold.

The house was so big that there was often upwards of 20 people living there at at time! My parents lived in one of the upstairs apartments when they were first married. And it was my first place of residence too! It is rumored that my first night there, I slept in a drawer.

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary recently, so I arranged for us to get into the house to have a little looksie. Luckily, it was for sale at the time, so it wasn't all that difficult to set up.

Here are some pictures of the place.

This is the little apartment my parents lived in when they were first married

Check out that mirror in the bathroom! I heart that mirror.

Lots of beautiful stained glass

The whole gang sitting on the grand staircase. This is where all old family photos used to be taken.
This was an especially important visit for my grandma who hadn't seen the house in 20 years.

The house was designed by local legend John Bradstreet and is a one of a kind, historical gem. I would have done just about anything to purchase this beauty(just for the memories alone!), but unfortunately our pocket books couldn't handle another mortgage.

Isn't it gorgeous though?? Maybe someday it will be back in the family.


Jweaver said...

what a fun thing to do! I bet that was really cool for your parents and grandma. Beautiful house! Imagine the ministry that could be done there now too? :)

Nicole said...


Justin said...

What a great house -- and a great story too.

Laurie Amos said...

Thanks Kids! That was a special day.