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15 things

1. Caribou gave me the wrong drink this morning.

2. Dave and I have been married for 900 days. Don't ask my why I have kept track of something like that. I can't explain to you how my brain works.

3. I love the new mini blizzards at Dairy Queen. It has fulfilled a long time need of mine.

4. We have to stain the windows we got LAST year. Owning a house is a lot of work.

5. Still wishing I had the white chocolate cold press that I ordered.

6. I'm having a hard time accepting that July is pretty much over.

7. We watch television so infrequently that when we do I'm mesmerized/appalled by all the commercials.

8. The WWE is equal parts ridiculous and hilarious.

9. Isn't it sad that when we do actually watch t.v. it's something like the WWE?

10. I'm loving our CSA these past few weeks. There's way more variety than we had the first few weeks.

11. CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. Just in case your were wondering.

12. I love lists.

13. My nail polish is all chipped off and looks pretty horrible.

14. I'm obsessed with making mini pies. I made blueberry this week and I'm going to make strawberry next week. So cute. So tasty.

15. I really want to cook through a cookbook. Have any of you done that? Know of any cookbooks that would be conducive to this?