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wordy wednesday

I have a lot on my mind this week. Not really a surprise as this may just be the busiest week OF OUR LIVES. A bit of an exaggeration, maybe, but it feels truthful.

I'm not sure how it happened but nearly all of our out of town friends happen to be in town this week. And it's wonderful to see everyone and we love them dearly, but trying to hang out with a bunch of people during "wedding week" has been crazy.
It started last Friday with our good friend Rachel hanging out for Chinese food and possibly a viewing of the Hannah Montana movie. I cant remember.
Saturday morning was pancakes and coffee with our new-ish friend Paul from California.
Last night was ice cream with our friend Lee (from here but stationed in Cali) and tonight we are hanging out with more CA peeps: Justin and Autumn. How did so many of our friends end up in Cali? Strange.
My college roommate and old church friends are also in town, but unfortunately we are unable to see them due to our outrageous schedule this week. RATS!

Dave taught me how to play cribbage and we have been playing in the evenings out on our porch. The score so far: Dave 1. Jessica 1 . I love me a good card game! As long as the game does not include the word "trump" I'm in. Trump is my bane. As soon as the T word is mentioned, my mind goes to mush and refuses to listen to anymore instruction. I'm just being honest.

In other news: there is a giant moth living in our bedroom. And when I say giant, I mean nearly bat size. Seriously. How he has eluded death this long is beyond me. He always seems to hide just as I turn around to grab something in which to wap him with. And when I say "I", I really mean Dave.

I have so many wonderful pictures to share with you, and maybe you will see them someday. If my house is clean, and dinner is cooked, and all the laundry is done, and we're not hanging out with out of town friends, and I'm not watching Friends or OC with Kellie or Top Chef with Dave, and if all the stars have aligned then MAYBE I'll put all my pictures on the computer. Maybe.


The Beals said...

Boy, you guys ARE busy.

Jason and I play cribbage at least once a week. It's fun. That's how we narrowed down he baby names by playing cribbage. :p

Take a few moments to just breath throughout the week.

Good luck with everything this week! You'll get through it.

Jeff P said...

So, wanna hang out tonight?

Chloe said...


And cribbage is out at our house - too many Chloe 1, Matt 0 to keep him wanting to play.

The Baby Makes 4 said...

I highly recommend "strip cribbage" for marital bonding...if you catch my drift.

Dave said...

hahaha. We are definitely using the set you guys gave us for our wedding.