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In Kind

I've been trying to snag a few minutes here or there to focus on this fresh, new year, as I'm sure most of the world is doing. What do I want out of this year? Who do I want to be? And most importantly, what is God calling me to?

Two things come to mind. One is a bit surfacy while the other requires prayer and work and intentionality.

The first is to be more daring and adventurous in the kitchen. I want to take risks with my cooking and not be afraid to try new things. I want to establish an actual "meal time" where we sit down, light some candles, and enjoy a few minutes of peace together. I want to create "peace meals" which is also the name of a book I want to get.

The other is to be kind in word and deed. It's not that I'm mean or unkind, but just reflecting on my daily words and attitude I think that I can improve in this area. I desire to reflect the love of Christ to everyone regardless of what is going on in my life and being more kind is the most practical way for me to achieve this. This is no easy task, especially when co-workers are unkind or I get anxious in traffic, or I'm frustrated with my husband, but I believe that God is faithful and wants to mold and shape me into the person He has called me to be. And some days I'm sure I will fail. I'm human after all. But this is what I will strive to accomplish in 2011. As well as this list. Ufda! I better get going on this stuff!