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the weekend

More of this game was played.

I think we are borderline obsessed with this game. There must be a support group or something that we can join. I hope the meetings consist of playing this game and this game only.

On Saturday we took Asher and Arden on a "day of fun" to the Bell Museum!

It's a natural history museum of sorts on the U of M campus.

We also got to spend some time with good friends playing games and hanging out.

I'm starting to think I never sit up straight. Add that to my resolutions.

Does anyone remember the game "the Amazing Labyrinth" game?? We have to get that now. It was a great blast from the past.


Jweaver said...

when did Tim and Helen's babies get so big?! They're.. kids!!

Laurie Amos said...

I remember that game! You kids had so much fun with it.