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Scenes from the Weekend

Common Roots. Possibly the best, most wonderful coffee shop/cafe in the entire world. I'm just sayin'.

Dave and I had a date there Friday night. It was good for my soul.

The next night we had a date at Home Depot. I know, we are livin' on the edge!

We celebrated my mom's birthday with an all out Mexican fiesta! Yes, there was a blow up cactus there. Why? Is that weird?


Jweaver said...

I love when the barista makes pretty things with the foam :)

The Baby Makes 4 said...

What is that indoor/outdoor?


Justin said...

Take us back their when we are home again.

Dave said...

Steve - We actually just converted it to our comforter on our bed. It's a little stiff, but I think we'll just have to break it in.

Justin - When did we take you to home depot? KIDDING LOL J/K ROFL.