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Chuck E. Cheese meets Kung Fu Panda

Hi All.

This week has been crazy, busy, and pretty fun. I think Tuesday night tops it. A bunch of family members all went to Chuck E. Cheese for Travis' 27th birthday. It was pretty awesome. My favorite games were, the Rollercoaster Tycoon pinball machine, Jambo Safari, Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, and Dunk the Alien Skee ball. That stupid alien! A bunch of us tried and we all couldn't dunk him! Even Grandpa. Here's a picture of us with Mr. Cheese.

Then after Chuck E. Cheese, we went and saw Kung Fu Panda. The movie was incredible! The animation = fantastic. It was super funny, and it worked just like a real Kung Fu movie. The fight scenes were pretty intense and funny at the same time.

On Wednesday night, my friend Dave and I went and saw the band Iron and Wine. He put on a fantastic show, but his music is super laid back, and we ended up leaving because we were tired of standing. It would have been a great sit down show. If you haven't heard him before go look up Iron and Wine. My favorite song is probably Trapeze Swinger.

Saturday night is Walking with Dinosaurs!


justin said...

Jambo Safari is the best arcade game in existence.

Iron and Wine is the hairiest guitarist in existence.