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Nerd it up!

Today, I figured I would take some time and proclaim to the world ….okay more like the half a dozen people that read our blog….. that I am a huge nerd. Jessica, being married to me, understands the depth that encompasses my nerdom. I’m warning you right now, this is going to be a strange journey into the mind of Dave, and this post could be lengthy….

Let me just list a few ways I celebrate my nerdiness.

1. I love doing crossword puzzles. It keeps the mind fresh! Some may say it’s just a passing fad for me, but I like to picture it as a lifetime hobby. I love the feeling of sitting down with a blank crossword puzzle and a pen (blue ink only! or maybe red, but certainly never black). As I start the puzzle I wonder, how long is this going to take me to finish?? Am I going to finish? What are the answers for the long ones going to be? I always get the Star Tribune paper because it has two crossword puzzles, and within the paper I ALWAYS start with the star trib one first and if I’m not doing so hot, or I finish it (Rarely, maybe once or twice, a week, if I’m lucky), I move on to the New York Times puzzle. I never use the internet to look up answers. Asking friends, family members, and co-workers totally allowed. I occasionally will check my spelling with an old dictionary I have on our bookshelf. I can often be seen pondering my answers when I’m working, or riding home on the bus.

2. I rather enjoy playing video games. In moments of my spare time I can found hacking away on one of my wii games or playing as the hulk throwing tanks and letting small bullets bounce off my bright green muscles. I only play the Hulk game wearing cut off jean shorts and every 10 minutes I have to yell “HULK SMASH”. Okay, I’m just joking about the jean shorts. I don’t own jean shorts. They are Umbros. So I don’t take video games that seriously, but one of my favorites is Super Mario Bros. 3 for old Nintendo pictured above.

3. Playing pinball will always be in my top 5 favorite activities. I love it. Hearing the bells and whistles of your score being racked up and hearing the strong **KNOCK** come from the pinball machine letting you and everyone within 20 feet of you know that you have earned yourself a free game because you are awesome. My brother and I are actually working our way to purchasing our very own Lord of the Rings pinball machine. Right now we own a few machines that are being fixed up and flipped so we will someday have enough money to purchase a newer fancier pinball. This weekend Asher, my nephew, played pinball with my brother and I, and he figured out how to shoot the ball and actually use the flippers to hit the ball. He’s only 18 months old! Immediately I started to hear The Who sing “the kid plays a mean Pin-Ball…”

4. I love reading comics! I recently got into comics in a huge way! The comic series that brought me to my love of comics is called Bone by Jeff Smith. It’s a 9 Volume epic adventure that is clean, funny, and adventurous. Go buy this series. Yes it’s true there are some comics that have a little too much brown on the apple, but when you find one that is just good clean fun, it’s great. This Bone series is an example of comic greatness.

Okay well that’s enough for today and my adventures of nerdiness. I didn’t even touch on the Muppets. I’m pretty sure that’s a blog post all by itself.


Anonymous said...

Crosswords should only be done in PENCIL and you must use ALL CAPS. learn the rules!

Autumn Hilden said...

i am all about the blue ink, too. no crosswords for me, but no black ink under any circumstances.

justin said...

*************************** 2.
************* 1. __ __ __ __
*************************** __
*************************** __
***2. __ __ __ __ __ __ __

1. Your name.

1. What you are.
2. What that makes you.

Dave said...

**************1.N E R D
*********************** A
*********************** V
******2. A W E S O M E