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Project for Grandma H.

My Grandma Hilden recently asked if I could transfer a bunch of her old records onto CDs for her, because she has been having trouble reaching the record player, and her CD player is much more accessible to her. Last night was the first night that I started on this project and it turned out to be a pretty fun time. I only had time to get one record done, because it took me a while to figure everything out but now it should run much more smoothly. Justin had a great idea that I should blog about which records we are doing because we listen to the records as they are being recorded. So here goes....

Grandma has a series of 11 records called Mood Music for Listening and Relaxation. It is an older record collection and I think it was put out by Reader's Digest a while ago. Well, I just searched google and I could not find the release date for that set, if anybody can, feel free to comment!

Last night I did number 9 in the series "Listening and Relaxing in 3/4 Time". It was basically 6 different waltzes. It turned out to be pretty fun putting all the songs together and at the end of the night hearing one of Grandma's records on my iPod. This morning I was listening to the album while getting ready for work, and it seemed to make everything I did much more graceful. Opening the fridge, eating Grandma's cinnamon bread, drinking juice, putting my polo shirt on backwards.....okay that wasn't graceful but everything else felt that way. I'm really pumped for the next album I'm going to do in the series "Hawaiian Paradise". I'm pretty sure the first track on the album is called "Pagan Love Song" Could be interesting.


Jeff Printy said...

I can see you're using your mac, good show old boy. Any properly done audio work should be done on a mac.
What are you using to record the audio? If you're using garageband or somesuch may I advance the opinion that Audacity would be well suited to your task. It is a free audio recording program that will also give you some options to decrease the noise inherent on old vinyl.
Good luck and Godspeed,
jeff p

Dave said...

good news Jeff! I am using audacity. I actually really really like it. It's simple, but it doesn't bog down my computer!

justin said...

we definitely need a copy of those albums! i'm glad you are recording your process for posterity!