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Everyone who reads this blog,

Alright so waaaaaaay back in September of 2006, I was writing on another blog that I started. The blog is here. I imagine September 1st was much like today, hot, humid, beautiful. 2 years ago was soooo much different than today. I was not married, I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with 5 dudes (maybe 6 depending on the night), and I worked for mosquito control. Wow. Life changes a lot doesn't it? ANYWAY, back on September 1st 2006, I made a commitment to blog everyday for the entire month of September, and it was really fun. Today Jessica and I are making that commitment again. Everyday for the month of September we are going to blog (or at least try really, really hard to blog). Our plan is to switch every other day. Today is my day.

Reading over the older posts, it seemed like I took more time to blog. I think it wasn't just blogging, but I took more time to ponder, and recap life. I remember I would sit down, in a comfortable chair, with something to drink, put on some music, and write. I took more time for length, detail, and content. Now it seems that my life is more hurried, instead of soaking up little things, I get a more general view of everything. I think I'm still deciding on what I like better. Honestly, I think my goal is to achieve both. Get the large amount of things accomplished, but still take time to smell the roses and enjoy life. OH - don't get me wrong, I LOVE my married life right now. Being married is awesome, awesome, awesome! Currently it seems to be a big blur of awesomeness, and I want some moments of pure slowed down goodness. So, here I am sitting on our comfortable couch, I have the hum of the air conditioner going in my ear, and this is the first time in a long time I'm not blogging at work.

I'm listening to a mix I made for Jessica a few years ago called "Listening is the first and last step". I actually stole the line from an episode of Fraggle Rock, and it has always made me think. The current song is "California Brown and Blue" by Denison Witmer, he's good and laid back. I'm not sure if he is making music still or not, but check him out.

Alright, well I'm off to bed. As you can see on the sidebar, I have lots of Les Miserables to read. Last night it freaked me out! I think that's a whole different post......

See ya Wednesday,


P.S. for anyone that still checks my old blog, I'm still planning on finishing my Garden Series! I think I stopped on 5 entries, and I planned on writing 9 so I have a few more to do. Don't give up hope! I'm just giving other people time to catch up on the a over a year.



B said...

I like this idea. I like it very much. I can't wait to read!