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I dug my winter boots out of the closet this morning because when I looked outside, this is what I saw:

What? You've seen this picture before? In a previous cabin post you say? Man, you people are perceptive. Ok, so this may not have been exactly what I saw when I looked out my bedroom window this morning, but since it was the first snow fall that stuck around for more than 30 seconds, in my mind this picture and what I saw were one in the same.

Winter is officially here I guess. I have to admit, I'm sad to say goodbye to fall. I love fall. But there are things that I love about winter too. Trudging through the snow to get to my car and spending 10 minutes scraping it off just doesn't happen to be one of them. The boots are here to stay.


Autumn Hilden said...

it's about 90 degrees in LA today. :)

Laurie Amos said...

No! Noooo! Nope! Nada! Winter can't be here yet. I'm not ready. Look, the sun is out, the grass is still green, everything is going to be ok.