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Music week 3

Hi All,

I'm been slacking lately! I was supposed to post music stuff yesterday, but you guys are getting it today.

Here's what Steve writes.....

Probably my only real boo yeah song so far

Bone Machine by The Pixies

As for me...I bucked my own system this week and just listened to whatever I wanted on the iPod. So I have a few different categories.

Song to get me going in the morning: Don't Tell Locke What He Can't do by Moneen

Album to help me unwind after a long week: A Sunday Afternoon Pops Concert (from Grandma's Records)

Songs I should be sick of but I'm not: Angels of the Silences and Anna Begins by Counting Crows. You guys are going to find that I really can't get enough of the Counting Crows.

Right now, Saturday morning tunes while Jessica bakes: Miles Davis