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Music week 4.

Hello All,

I haven't forgotten about my quest to listen to all my music, alphabetically by song order. I'm still sailing along. I took a little bit of a hiatus last week when we were in Chicago, but I'm back on track. The last few days I haven't run into anything too disagreeable, so most of the songs have been pretty good.

I'm also working on my Grandma's Christmas records. I have about 7 or 8 left to get on CD before Thanksgiving, so it's kind of like a mid-term paper rush from the college days. It will all be totally worth it when I have 13 more CDs to give her on Thanksgiving day. Last night I listened to "The 12 days of Christmas" and "Christmas in Scandinavia". For the Scandinavia record one side was in Norwegian and the second side was Swedish. I couldn't understand a word they said, but the music entertained me while I read and got ready for bed. It's been pretty pleasant to have the old time Christmas music playing throughout our apartment these days. Jessica also bought a very Christmas-y candle, that she has been burning. The candle is a mixture of two different scents. One is called "Christmas Eve" and the other is something like "Santa's workshop". So, I have no idea what the second scent is. I'm sure Jessica will comment and let us know.

BACK to the original intent of this post....MUSIC OF THE WEEK!

Boo yea song: Ask the Lonely by Journey. OH man, this song started in the morning, and carried me through all day. I love that song.

A good but forgotten song: At a Glance by AFI. Always been a fan of this entire album, but I hadn't listened to it in ages.

A good song that I will never understand: At the Bottom of Everything by Bright Eyes. I will probably never understand most of the lyrics that come from this dude. Although, this is the same guy that said "I took a couple of months off from doing cocaine to kind of cleanse my body" so I think it's a little justified.

Well that's all I have for today. It's been a while since I've blogged. I'm glad to be back on the Blog Train.


The Beals said...

Why don't you get back to work you slacker! And don't forget to balance the money.

Jessica said...

The second scent in the candle is "mistletoe." Santa's workshop....sheesh, that would smell like a bunch of sweaty elves. Yuck!

Jweaver said...

Where is the candle from?

Jweaver said...

I should have noted that I love holiday candles.. I bought some to have at Thanksgiving that smell like apple pie :)

The Baby Makes 4 said...

I imagined the Santa's Workshop scent to be saw dust and that weird? I too have taken a bit of a hiatus on the music, but look to get back into it next week. Don't give up on me!