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In 2 hours or less...

If any of you live in the Minneapolis area and occasionally order pizza from Uptown Pizza, please consider boycotting them with me. Based on this scenario that played out this past Saturday afternoon, we will no longer be giving them our business.

After waiting almost 2 hours for our pizza:

Pizza dude: Uptown pizza, can I help you?

Me: Yes, we ordered a pizza at noon and seeing as it's 1:42 and we haven't seen any pizza yet, i was wondering if it's possible to get reimbursed?

A normal pizza dude: Oh, I'm so sorry your pizza was so late. We would be happy to reimburse you and give you coupons for your next order..

THIS pizza dude: No, we cant give you anything for free. I'll call the driver and have him come back.

Me:, we would like our pizza that we have waited almost TWO HOURS for thankyouverymuch! But since we have waited SO freaking long, do you think we could at least receive a discount on said pizza?!

Extremely rude pizza dude: No, no discount, no free pizza, can I please speak to the person who placed the order?

Me (knowing the person who placed the order isn't argumentative): I don't see how that is relevant to the situation. I am with the person who placed the order, you will be speaking to me!

Pretty much the rudest pizza guy I have ever encountered: Lady, I am the owner and you are not getting anywhere with me.

An extremely upset and disgruntled Jessica: This is extremely poor customer service! Who takes TWO HOURS to deliver pizza and then doesn't given a discount for heavens sake?!

By this time our pizza had arrived and I was too upset to take this phone call any further so I instead ate two pieces or pepperoni and called it a day.

Seriously...Don't get pizza from them. It's just not worth the wait.


t h a i t r a i t said...

Sad! Sorry you had to be hungry so long!

Will avoid them if I'm ever in the area. :)

Shelly said...


I'm taking your advice...I am a pizza fanatic and NO pizza is worth 2 hours if the cooker man won't give you some sort of compensation.


Dr Wicked said...

When I was reading I could actually hear you arguing. That is the suck and I will definitely not purchase pizza from said disreputable establishment. They need to realize that people won't put up with their general uptown attitude, especially at a premium price.

Stacey said...

No way! Jessica that is terrible!! Honestly, I can tell you I will never get pizza from them!! EVER!