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It's Over!

This post is brought to you by the letter "O" for It's OVER!

No more crazy campaigning. It's Over.

No more slanderous, relentless TV and radio ads trying to convince us to vote for a certain "so and so," attempting to get us to think, but mostly just making us mad. It's Over.

No more walking around with a constant look of confusion and distress, just willing November 4th to come so all of this would go away. It's Over.

No more spot on SNL skits.

Actually, this is most likely untrue, and I'm glad since those spoofs are quite hilarious.

So, whether or not the person you voted for is our new President Elect, I think we can all come together and rejoice that this whole sticky, messy, LONG election is finally Over!


l e a h said...

Have you ever heard of David Boaz? I'll send you a link of his sometime. I think you may appreciate it. I get that vibe from you, anyway...

Shelly said...