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Cruisin': Belize City

I am a city girl. I love the hustle and bustle, the excitement, the architecture, especially in old cities. Belize City, however, is not exactly on my list of top 10 favorites. And perhaps it's because we never got very far away from where we docked, but there were just people everywhere asking us for money, or asking us to buy them booze, or trying to sell us drugs, or..other services. It wasn't all bad. We got a chance to walk around a bit of the city and see an old cathedral.

But after we left the cathedral area, a man named Harry latched on to our group and he was trouble. He was very friendly at first but after a while he got a bit inappropriate with me and Amanda, so we decided it was time to leave.

Our time in Belize city was short, but eventful, and completely different than our first trip to Belize.

All in all, I'm glad we saw a different side of Belize, even though it was a frustrating, uncomfortable side. It makes for a more well rounded, real experience.


Annie said...

We went to Belize after I graduated college. I hated it. I got so sick, and because of their poor relations with Guat we had the honor of taking a bus, to a taxi, to a plane, to a taxi, to a boat, in order to make it out of the country. Ish.