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thoughts - monday morning edition

There are clothes draped all over our furniture because our dryer is broken. Bummer! Hopefully it can be fixed and we don't have to get a new one. A new appliance is not really in the budget right now. But Dave did make a pretty cool clothes line in the back yard.
We spent part of Saturday afternoon at a biker bar. My brother's band was playing there. It was really more of a death metal venue than a biker bar. Either way, the band was out of place and so were we. Although - I did see some biker/death metal dudes totally getting into it. Those body tattoos and spiky bracelets don't fool me. Those guys are all giant teddy bears!
Am I ever going to finish the Cruisin' series of posts?? Probably. It's harder to do posts now because I don't lug my new camera to work with me to dump the pictures on my computer like I did with my old camera. That means I have to do all my posting at home. We are never home. Herein lies the problem.
Dave and I had a family meeting yesterday for that very reason. We need to be home more often. Our house is stressing me out because we are never home long enough to clean it, only to come in and make it messy and leave again. We decided things need to change. We need to schedule time to just be at home. That sounds ridiculous, but it's true. I'm looking forward to more time at home, time in the garden, time to organize and clean, time with each other. It will be glorious.

Hey Everybody, Dave at your service. I had a picture of the make-shift clothesline, and I thought I would add it in.


Dr Wicked said...

You could also just get a compact flash card reader like the one I have ($13 at Amazon) then you could just take your tiny memory card to work and dump images that way.

Autumn said...

nice clothes line. it is not easy to make one that doesn't end up sagging to the ground. good job!

mrs boo radley said...

Love the line! Who needs a dryer, huh.
Hope you can find some time to be at home. I am here all day today and am loving every minute of it. Recluse. Mmmm.

Chloe said...

I don't know if Olive got in on the family meeting but I'm sure she's excited about the idea of having you guys at home! Bummer about the dryer.