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thoughts for a tuesday morning

Dave has been in Alabama for two days. Alabama. Very random. He has been there on business and thankfully will be back tonight. I've decided that it's easier to have him gone on weekends (for fishing trips or what have you) than during the week because there isn't a set routine on the weekends and he's just so part of my every day routine. We miss him.
I never really think about Alabama much. Sorry to you Alabamians. Alamamites? It's just one of those states down there with Arkansas and Missouri and Mississippi that just get all lumped together in my mind. Maybe that's because I have never been there. Actually I may have driven through on my way to Louisiana once. Does that count? Anyway, I think I would like to visit. I'm just saying.
I think I may have only put deodorant under one arm this morning. I'm telling you, my routine is all goofed up.
I spent last night with two out of town friends. So.Much.Fun. We laughed until we cried and then we laughed some more. Oh how I miss them. It's hard when friends move away and friendships change. Laughter and Sebastian Joe's makes everything a little bit better.
I was introduced a while back to this website by my sister-in-law. It's so beautifully written. I love to read it in the morning as a little devotional, especially if I've waltzed out the door without reading my Bible. It just helps to get my heart in the right place. She started a Gratitude Community and I'm going to join. The author said her life has been transformed by taking note of and being grateful for things big and small. I encourage you to join as well! We can be grateful together.


Chloe said...

Welcome to the community. Counting joy is great! (And maybe we can find a way to get a little countdown list going on A Creative Call...just for you.)