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Cruisin' : Grand Cayman

Say hello to our friends Caleb and Amanda.

They live on the other side of the world so it was pretty much the best day of our lives when they said they could join us on our cruise. Really. We did happy dances.

We met up in Miami and then sailed the open seas for one whole week. It was bliss.

Grand Cayman was our first stop.

We drove around in this:

And spent a bit of time here

We didn't have much time on the island, and it was quite cloudy that day so we just tooled around in our sweet jeep and ended up at this restaurant

It was called Vivine's Kitchen and it was literally her kitchen. As in..she lived there and cooked and served out of her actual kitchen. She had a great seating area in the back equipped with hammocks.

As Amanda would say, the food was "yum."

That's all for tonight kids. I promise I will be back with more soon. Oh so much more.


The Beals said...

THERE'S the pictures I was looking for. Sweet. I've never driven in a jeep before. That must have been fun. :)