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Cruisin': Odds and Ends

This is the last cruise post. I promise.

I just couldn't sleep at night knowing that I've deprived you of photographic gold such as this:

Every night our steward made a creature out of a towel. That is some serious talent.

And just as awesome were our outfits for one of the "elegant" nights. My sister designed and crafted a dress for me and Dave donned a vintage jacket. We were all matchy matchy.

Our last night we dined at the fancy restaurant on board and Dave got a steak the size of his head.

Well that's all folks. Now it's back to the hum drum of our normal lives, Aren't you excited??


mrs boo radley said...

Cuter and cuter!

Laurie Amos said...

You two are sooo cute together!

Jweaver said...

You two ARE so cute together! And, that dress, wow! So pretty! Good job Kelllie!