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Cruisin': Isla Roatan

The second stop was quite possibly my favorite. It was a little island off the coast of Honduras. At first we were a bit disgusted by the artificial "village" that they shuffled us into when we docked (wanting us to stay in one area and spend all our money) but we were able to get out of that area and see some of the real Roatan.

We hired Arturo to take us to a few places and it was money well spent. He was great! First he took us up a crazy steep road to a "look out" over the ocean.

Next, we requested a visit to the monkeys, which I can assure you was Dave's favorite part.

And finally we hit the beach and thankfully one that was not riddled with other cruisers.

Look at that water! Nothing says tropical paradise like two toned water.

Dear Isla Roatan, you are one fantastic little island!


Autumn said...

two-toned water rules!

daningo said...

Looks heavenly :) So glad you got to have a fun get-a-way!!

Dr Wicked said...

Nice vignetting on that first pic. Did that happen in-camera or did you add it later?

Laurie Amos said...

Nothing like having a monkey on your head...I'm not sure I would like that. Glad you two(or four) had a great time away.