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#36 Adventureland - Steel Drums

WOW. Not only did I claim that I was going to post 3 times yesterday, I failed to even post twice! Wow.

Well I'll TRY and write the last post tonight sometime. We'll see if it happens.

Anyway....Thanks to my brother, I have decided to start listening to all of the songs on my iPod in alphabetical order.* Yesterday as I was going to post I was on #36 which was a song clip from Adventure Land in Disneyland - specifically the steel drum sounds.(thanks Justin!) It was awesome. Today I'm already up to #63 Airline to Heaven by Wilco.
During the course of this adventure I'm going to try and post one weekly update. In the weekly update I will have three different categories with one winner for each category, possibly a few runners up as well. The categories are....

Delightful Surprise - this could be a song that caught me off guard, and pure enjoyment followed.
Utter Disappointment - this may mean two things. 1. I hate the song or 2. The iPod played the song at exactly the wrong moment and I didn't want to listen to it.
Boo Yea! - The boo yea song will be something that when it comes on I immediately think "Boo yea! That's exactly what I wanted to hear."

So here we go!

Delightful Surprise - Absolute Beginners by David Bowie. It had a really good flow to it. Nice work Bowie.

Utter Disappointment - Absence of Fear by Jewel. Wow, in a matter of one day, only in the beginning of the alphabet I had two, count them two, over 6 minute long Jewel songs. Jewel is usually pretty relaxing, that's just fine with me, BUT I don't need Jewel putting me to sleep on my way into to work. How can I look manly, if someone sees me singing along to Jewel on the bus....wait a minute I don't sing along to Jewel.....AAAAAAAAAHHHHH. NEXT SONG!

Boo Yea! - Africa by Toto. Everyone should listen to this song today.

Until next week!

*I'll probably skip any sermons that come up in my play list or any segments from audio books. Sermons are great but in their due time. Audio books are sweet too, but I will definitely have the possibility of random chapters coming up, I can't do that.


Justin said...

that is a really good idea for a post -- and also for iPod listening. if i could slap my iPod back into life, i would join you on your musical quest. although in my case "Adventureland" would take me about half of the day. and you're welcome.

The Baby Makes 4 said...


I really like this idea and am looking forward to your weekly updates. Would you mind terribly if I join you in this quest? I have been listening to NPR during my commute and I have become weary of hearing the same thing twice a day (on the way to work and on the way home from work).

Dave said...


Do it! I'm already copying my brother, we should all copy him! I was actually trying to think of a way we could combine other people's best,worst, surprising songs that want to go through the journey as posting them on one blog..or something. Like a unification of blogs. The idea is still in the works. I'm up for suggestions.