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The Hulk Cakes

Here is a picture of our "hulk cakes" and yes that is a box of Franken Berry underneath them...and yes that is a box of Boo Berry underneath that.

Note from Jessica: The sugary cereal was all Dave. I don't eat that stuff. Yuck. However, I must confess that the Hulk Cakes were actually my doing. I just needed them ok? Sometimes, you just need a Hulk Cake. 


Kendra said...

Did you really take this picture in the checkout line????

Stacey said...

Yeah, did you really take the photo in the checkout line??
That is crazy if you did because I totally requested the Hulk Cake photo and bam it was there. WHOA!

Unless, you went back to the store for seconds??!!

NOW, do you think they sell the HULK cakes in Luverne??

Dave said...

Totally 100% true. I snapped the picture in the checkout line, but it was just with my phone, so it probably looked like I was just texting away. I loved how we went to the store to get a "few things" and we came away with a gallon of milk, 2 boxes of sweet sweet cereal, bread, AND Hulk Cakes. Can you tell it was late, and we were both super hungry?

l e a h said...

Hulk cake.
Hulk cake.
Hulk cake.

That's hard to say really fast in a repetitive fashion.

Justin said...

Boo Berry AND Frankenberry?!?!?! That was one sweet, sweet honey of a night. I can tell.

But that checkout photo is just not good enough. Now I request a photo of Dave holding a box of cereal in each hand -- while Jessica, posing as the Hulk - holds out the box of Hulk Cakes in between. Thanks in advance!