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Music of the Week

So here's the first results of people that are on the journey of listening to all of their songs from A to Z (and some just what they have listened to.) Not a HUGE response this week, but some good ones that's for sure.

Margaret writes...

Surprise: Godspeed (Sweet dreams) Dixie Chicks I haven't listened to this album in a super long time and I forgot how much I love this song - its beautiful.

Utter Disappointment: I don't really have one that I was totally disappointed with from this album. It is pretty good all around and didn't feel like was being tortured by having to listen to all of them, all the way though. Sorry. - maybe next week.

Boo Yea: Truth No. 2 Dixie Chicks - I was driving in the car and when this song came on was like "oh, yeah" and started to do my driving dance.

Becky writes....

I love this idea! it's so fun! So I started with song #1 yesterday, and I think I got to about number 65. And my favorite Pleasantly Surprising and Boo Yea at the same time, was "All the Way Up to Heaven" by Guster. I haven't listened to them in forever, and it just made the happiest girl in the world when I heard it. So yep - that's what I've got to say about that!

Matt writes...

I’m finishing up ‘S’ today and moving into ‘T’. It’s all downhill from here!

I will say that the “Utter Disappointment” for the entire month has been Peter, Paul, and Mary. They are making a solid effort to supplant Paul Simon from his esteemed place of “worst artist in my library”.If you’re up for some weeping and gnashing of teeth today, check out the song “River of Jordan”. Wow. That is a _bad_ tune. If not, avoid PPM for the rest of your life.

I write...

Delightful Surprise: My surprise would actually be hearing songs in groups of threes. One day in a row I listened to Alice Childress by Ben Folds, All along the watchtower by Bob Dylan and then a cover by Dave Matthews and also All Creatures of our God and King by David Crowder. Honestly I thought I was going to dread all of that, but it turned out pretty nice.

Utter Disappointment: All fall down by Kayne West. I thought I removed Kayne off my iPod months ago. I guess not. He will be removed...

Boo Yea: The boo yea song was in fact. All aboard the Soul Funky Train by The J.B.s( The James Brown's). Just what I needed some shouting and then straight into a good old fashioned funk song.

Well thanks to everyone who participated. Again, if you want to join us next week, just e-mail me at Groove on.