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Goals for a Wednesday.

Alright I decided that I'm going to try and blog 3 times today. One right now, hopefully one in couple of hours, and one a little later tonight. I have lots to talk about, actually I have lots of nothing to share and this is the place to do it.

First things first.

check out my buddy Jason's blog. I think it's a great idea. He's going to put stuff on craigslist and see what trades are offered to him for them, and then he's going to post polls on his blog to see which trade he should take. NO MATTER WHAT, he's going to take the trade the polls suggest. So it's up to us. I know people hate talking politics these days, but really get out there and vote. (On Jason's website......AND....go Nader.)


The Beals said...

Interesting goals you have ... 3 times in 1 day? sheesh. You've got me beat!