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Penguin Man and more cabin pics

You know those guys (or gals) who stand on street corners holding signs advertising "close out sale!" or "get your taxes done (here)" or something equally lame? They are always standing there looking like they would rather have their toe nails pulled out one by one than stand on that street corner and advertise with a giant sign. This was not the case yesterday. There was a man dressed like a penguin standing on a street corner advertising a Halloween shop and he was actually waddling back and forth and looked like he was having the time of his life. That's great! If you have a crappy job, at least make the most of it, right? I wish I could have taken a video, it was pretty funny, but I happened to snap this picture before the light turned green and we had to drive away:

Here are a few more random pictures from last weekend:

Isn't this a rad bridge? So rustic and woodsy.

And this picture that Dave took of my parents is so totally rad. I'm going to use that word for everything today. Rad rad rad. I love that word.

Have a good weekend friends. We are headed out for another wonderful weekend at the cabin. Now THAT is rad!


Becky said...

I LOVE the sugar shack picture! and...I like you too. Despite this creepy regression back to
90's lingo... :) And I say, "Good for you, Mr. Penguin costume man! You waddle that waddle!"

Jweaver said...

Shawn is such a rockstar!

Laurie Amos said...

Love the cabin pics. Makes me wish I were there.

Anonymous said...

shaun is soooo wearing my sunglasses. that poop