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The Robed and the Bearded

Wouldn't that be a great name for a soap opera? I thought so.

Alternately titled: HP rocks the party!

Over the weekend we attended and incredibly elaborate Harry Potter party hosted by my very talented sister. She transformed her apartment to look like the inside of a Hogwarts classroom. We had a fabulous time. Here are the host of characters that showed up to join in the fun!
Harry and Ginny

Fred and George Weasley

Professor Trelawney

Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall

And even Moaning Myrtle made a bathroom appearance

We played HP trivia while sipping Pumpkin juice and butter beer and nibbled treacle tarts and mini pumpkin pies. It truly was a magical night!

Luna, Tonks and Trelawney

Fred and Dumbledore did a little hair/beard switcher-oo!

The whole gang


Jweaver said...

my sister went? that's weird to me.
You all look great by the way!

Sara said...

That's awesome - what a fun party!

Justin said...

oh man! i wish we could have been there! autumn makes a great hermione. dave -- you totally rocked that beard. i hope you are wearing that to work every day this week. that looked like a fabulous party.

The Beals said...

Holy Smokes! Cool Costumes! That must have taken forever to decorate her apartment.