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Blog Games? Really??

Okay, Okay, I never knew there was any such thing as blog games, but I can't just sit on the sidelines and watch all of this happen around me. Janet tagged I have to post 6 random things about myself. I decided to get quite specific and I'm going to post 6 random things about me sleeping....

1. When I start to get a cold, I think that it will go away faster if I sleep with a stocking cap on. I usually lose it somewhere during the night.

2. I have crazy, crazy dreams. Two nights ago I had an entire crime/thriller/mystery play out. It took place in New York City, it involved beanie babies, and it ended with a Merchant of Venice like twist.

3. One time I was sleeping on my arm wrong and I awoke with it completely numb from the shoulder down. In my half-awake stupor I thought it would be smart to take my left hand (that still had feeling) and hold my right arm in the air to get the blood moving. I then proceeded to let go of my right arm only for it to fall down and hit me in the face. (since it had no feeling I couldn't hold it up.)

4. I like to have the room as cold as possible when I sleep. It makes the warm blankets feel all the more warm.

5. I can't sleep on couches, I just don't fit. I'll either move the couch cushions to the floor or hope that the carpet is cushy.

6. I am unable to nap. In college I took one "nap". Which I don't even really count as a nap. I woke up early to take a test, crawled out of bed, took the test, and went back to sleep (in my bed, not the classroom).

So that's that. I would have tagged more people, but I think most of them have been tagged already....maybe Jason and Julie (Julie you could feel free to post on either blog)


Jessica said...

Oh my word. #3 had me laughing so hard, but I wanted to be quiet because my boss was walking by so it came out as a half whisper half snort combo that sounded pretty awful. Funny stuff.

Sara said...

sleeping when it's cold is great...! For Jess... I've added photos of the caiman under my chair.

Jweaver said...

I too laughed out loud when I read number three! FUNNY!

l e a h said...

I like no. 2 the best...because I have car-azy dream myself. The other morning I was wakened by my own left leg cramping up because I had a dream that my husband and I were in a warehouse fighting some 'bad guys' Jackie Chan-style.

The Beals said...

hahahahaha! that was so funny, I had no idea who was writing until I got to the #3 and #5. And I've totally done the thin in #3!!!

here goes nothin'!

PS, I've been secretly hoping you'd tag me. I'm like the kid that tries to get tagged as "it" on the play-ground!