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The end of an era (okay maybe just a month)

Well gang, this is all she wrote for the month of blogging everyday. Jessica already did a pretty good wrap up post about the end of the month. I'll just quick write a few bullet points that I remember...

Lots of manhole/personhole pictures

Two forgetful nights where we didn't post. Well one forgetful "Whoops" and one intentional "I'm not blogging tonight, I'm too tired!"

The State Fair and possibly the sweetest picture taken of me ever.

A picture resurfaced.

A trip to heaven....I mean Iowa

Eating until we puked.

The 100th post.

The return of the Garden Series.

Even a very much needed public service announcement.

And I don't think this post would be a good last September post if it didn't have a random picture tacked onto the bottom of it....

Now I'm tired, I'm going to take out the trash, and head to bed. It's going to be awesome. Thanks for reading!!