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I did not!

A fellow blogger has started a "not me" Monday and has invited people to join her in this quest to be brutally honest about things you wouldn't otherwise readily admit to. Since I'm sitting on the couch all hopped up on pain meds, I thought this was a prefect opportunity for my own "not me" Monday.

I did not neglect to take a shower today and instead have been laying on the couch all morning with no end to that in sight. Nope, not me.

I have not gone without brushing my teeth since I got my wisdom teeth out on Friday. That would be so gross. I would never do that.

I did not end up moving out to the couch at 2am because of the pain, took pain meds which give me very creepy dreams and didn't put a dvd of Friends on continuous play while I dozed so I wouldn't be freaked out in the living room all alone. No sir. 

And I'm certainly not having very vivid dreams and then cravings for all kinds of solid foods since I'm pretty much only eating apple sauce right now. That would be ridiculous.

Oh and one more. I did not color a page out of a Barbie coloring book yesterday and totally love it. Never. I would never do that.


J-mizzle said...

That's pretty funny... sorry about your teeth! Ouchie.

I didn't relive college last night by play video games till midnight when I clearly needed sleep and had other work to do. That'd be irresponsible. Wasn't me.