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So far, so bad

I don't mean to be some kind of sob story, but can I just state for the record that having a dry socket sucks? It really does. Oh, it's bad. Can I get a witness? And unfortunately I can only rely on Advil to take the edge off the pain. The problem with the prescribed Vicodin is three fold. 1) It makes me super nauseous when coming down from it. 2) It gives me nightmares. 3) that last reason counts as two. Anyone who knows me, knows that my imagination doesn't need any help from drugs to freak me out! So, it's just me and Advil. 
My Advil, my Advil...wherever I go, heeeeeeee's gonna go. My Advil, my Advil. My Advil and meeeee.
Anyone remember that 80's commercial featuring "My Buddy"? Anyone?

But my husband has been uber great through this whole thing, waiting on me hand and foot, which I could definitely get used to. Hmmm....If I'm still complaining about this in a week, you might have to start to wonder......


Jweaver said...

Girl, I feel your pain. One of mine got an infection after removing the wisdom tooth as well as a cyst that was under it. They had to pack it with a medicated flat string.. the absolute grossest taste you can imagine. My spit was green. I refused to swallow. I would literally step outside every few minutes to spit.
I realize this is kind of gross, but I just had to let you know that I sympathize.

Shelly said...

I remember the commercial!!!! Weren't those the days??:)

Stink about your dry socket!!

Justin said...

Aw man -- Dave told me you were a-sufferin'. We feel so bad for you! But I'm glad that you have the sweet, sweet memories of My Buddy to get you through this. And if things get really bad, just have Dave order you a Kid Sister off of eBay. Or just have him sing you the theme song softly all night long. Er... wait, no - that would be creepy.

Autumn Hilden said...

"my buddy and me like to climb up a tree. my buddy and me, we're the best friends that could beeeeeeeeee!"