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Pretty darn good

Our quest to blog every day of September is just about coming to a close and I think we have done pretty darn good. We have only missed two days out of the entire month. Dave missed one earlier in the month and I missed yesterday. Rats. I find it difficult to post over the weekends because we are usually on the go and not home long enough to come up with something interesting to write about, or if we are home, I'm too busy baking things like three milk cake to worry about contributing to the tech world.
Something of note from this weekend was my favorite fall activity, something I look froward to for months and months....The APPLE ORCHARD. It was unusually warm so the bees proved to be a problem while trying to consume our apple treats from the bakery, but even they could not deter me from enjoying the much anticipated apple picking. We snagged a great peck of Cortland apples, great for baking, along with homemade caramel dip and apple cider. Now I need to get baking!


The Beals said...

Thankgoodness that beard is finally under control!

Jweaver said...

So fun! I can't wait till we to in two weeks.. oh man- I adore fall. I am with you, I have been looking forward to the apple orchard for months too. Happy baking!