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"I've been shot already." or "It's a Sweater!"

Since the removal of Jessica's wisdom teeth, we have had the opportunity to catch up on some of our movie watching. Tonight Jessica and I wathed A Bug's Life. (Thanks Anna and Danny for the birthday gift!) We both really liked re-watching this movie. It's funny and light hearted, BUT I did notice an eerie similarity between A Bug's Life and The Three Amigos. Warning: SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't seen these yet, I don't feel bad ruining them for you. It's been at least 10 years for a bug's life and 22 years for The Three Amigos. It's not like I'm telling you Walt Disney's mom dies while you are reading his biography or something. That would be bad. Anyways.....

The Three Amigos: A small mexican town is being bullied by a powerful mean ruler of a gang of bad guys. A few people hire the Three Amigos under the impression that they are in fact real life "gang fighters" when in reality they are movie stars that play "gang fighters" (you think I could think of a better term than "gang fighters". Get over it. I can't.) The people of the town figure out that the Three Amigos are really just movie stars, and the Three Amigos find out that they aren't being hired to perform, but really defend, hilarty ensues, and eventually the whole town gathers together to overcome "El Guapo" and his powerful gang.

A Bug's Life: A group of ants are being terriozed by a powerful grasshopper and his awful gang of notorious bugs. One bug is sent to find a savior for their predicament and ends up hiring a group of circus performers by accidently confusing them for "warriors". Circus performers find out that they aren't being hired to perform, but defend. The ants find out that the circus performers are really performers and not "warriors", hilarity ensues, and eventually the group of ants gather together to defeat "Hopper" and his powerful gang of grasshoppers.

I think tomorrow night we'll see if there is any comparisions with our other movies. Like My Fair Lady and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. If I remember correctly Arnold sings "Just you wait 'enry 'iggins" as he is being lowered into a pool of lava and giving us a thumbs up. Oh there I go again. SPOILER ALERT!!!


Justin said...

ARRRRRRRGHHHH! will i ever live down Walt Disney's Momgate!!!!