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A public service announcement

In everyday conversation, if you are referring to this car:

Please be so kind as to pronounce it like you would this animal:

Some of you may be tempted to pronounce this word, as the company often does, as JAG-U-ARE. Please refrain from doing this as it greatly disturbs me. If you are going to have the animal jaguar as your hood ornament, then the least you can do is pronounce it the same as you would the animal. You people at know who you are.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Dave said...

oh come on! You really needed to post your rant about something I love? Jag-U-ares??!!! I'm soooooo buying a Jag-U-are and having a jaguar ride in it. I'm going to refer to both of them as "my jags."

The Beals said...

I say it how the company says it. Who am I to argue with them, they named it!

Becky said...

I applaud this post greatly. And after the applauding is over, I laugh. Jay Leno shares your frustration. One night he played a clip of the whole "Jag-u-are" extravaganza. His comment after was: "What I want to know is: What kind of i-di-ot (read: i-dye-ot) pronounces it jag-u-are?!?" Again - well put Jess. Well. Put.

justin said...

I prefer to pronounce it "Jag wire".

As in "I'm a-gonna get me one a them new fangled Jagwires!"

Stacey said...

Super funny post!